ARTS & CRAFTS: DIY Organizers

Being artsy means you have a lot of supplies

So here is a little fun DIY organizing projects to work on.

First go and collet jars, tin cans and containers. I have some mason jars, tin cans from beans and some plastic buckets from cotton candy.

Now lets choose some paint. I have some metallic gold spray paint and some craft paint I bought at Michael’s. Don’t forget your brushes to paint too!

It is time to get creative. Paint what you want on your items. Make them fit your style. I painted the tin can green and wrote what goes inside of it and for my mason jar I used the gold spray paint and sprayed the bottom on the inside as well as the bottom on the outside and let the excess paint drip down as it dried upside down. I also painted the cotton candy container fully gold as well and will probably add some ribbon later when it fully dries. 

If you want to go extra you can add stickers, glitter and any other embellishments you would like. I kept mine pretty basic to fit the style of my room.

Now add your supplies and your done!

I hope you enjoyed this fun little project. It was pretty easy but it is always a fun idea to add a little character to your art space.

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