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Sometimes it is really hard to just relax. Everyone is always moving at a fast pace and never really takes the time to just relax and let their minds just breathe. Today I am going to just list some tips for everyone so they can use them to find a perfect way for them to relax. 1.Yoga or Meditation: This is usually the first thing people think of when relaxing, although yoga is a lot more than just making a pose. It is really hard for people who have never done it but practicing it might actually be a stress relief. Adding meditation to that is a perfect combination to find yourself and your inner peace. 2.Find your happy place: find a hobby that you enjoy doing. Something that you don't have to schedule or make time for. Just something that you do for yourself, weather it be photography, art, crafts or even writing. Anything can be your hobby. It's a great stress relief doing something you love that isn’t for work or school. 3.Music: sometimes all someone needs is a g…

FASHION & BEAUTY: Lacey Things

It’s Fashion Friday!!!
Today I put together three looks themed around lacey things. All of the lace items I have are white but it is a great material to add a little sweetness to a look.
This first look I call “A Day in the Town” (yes I name my outfits). This is a casual but cute look that you can wear out during the day and not be too over dressed. The lace top is from Macy’s and it came with this really cute leaf necklace. It is by the brand Belle Du Jour and is an X Large. There was also a pink one I tried on but I figured white will go with everything. And it is a little too big. I should’ve gotten a large but it still looks cute. My jeggings are from Kohls. They are by the brand Mudd and I also have the same pair in a darker blue color. These are the softest jeggings I have ever owned and I love them. I want every color. These are a size too big, they are a 15 but after a few washes they might just shrink down a size hopefully. These Shoes are also from Kohls. They are a suede mat…

ARTS & CRAFT: DIY Book Covers

DIY: Book Cover If you have a certain look to your room but the different colors of your books on your bookshelf are clashing with the aesthetics of your room, this DIY is perfect for you. Today we are going to create our own book covers to fit our style. (No hate to how book covers are. I am a designer and appreciate all artwork that is on book covers) This is just a fun décor design to help make everything match and its super easy too! What You Need: -Paper that will fit the entire book cover (I am using my large drawing pad paper) -Books to cover -Paint, markers, crayons, décor, etc. (I am using paint) -Scissors or an X-Acto knife Step by Step: 1.Grab your books and lay them out on top of the paper (you can do all the books and then decorate or just one at a time). If the books you are having have a cover you can slide off go ahead and trace that fully on the paper if not you are going to have to trace the size of the book open and then add some extra inches so you can fold them inside w…

FOOD: Smoothie Time

Smoothie Time Some people are afraid of having a lot of things in their smoothies. I mean you don't think of spinach and kale in your smoothie. But despite how it sounds it honestly is really good when you mix together some fruits and vegetables. Now you can get the Green Machine from the Naked brand or you can recreate your own Green Machine but I wanted to give some basic recipes to start your smoothies. You can add or remove according to what you need or like.
Green Smoothie I love making green smoothies. You really don't taste spinach or kale when you add other things that have sweetness in them. Here is my recipe for a green smoothie. -2 handfuls of spinach or half of a bag if you get the spinach in a small bag -1 banana -1 apple -½ to 1 cup water or orange juice -1 tbsp. honey (opt) Banana Milkshake Sometimes I just want a tasty sweet smoothie. So here is my recipe for a vegan banana milk shake. -2 – 3 frozen bananas -½-1 ½ cup dairy free milk (depends how thick you want) (I like u…