FOOD: Smoothie Time

Smoothie Time
Some people are afraid of having a lot of things in their smoothies. I mean you don't think of spinach and kale in your smoothie. But despite how it sounds it honestly is really good when you mix together some fruits and vegetables. Now you can get the Green Machine from the Naked brand or you can recreate your own Green Machine but I wanted to give some basic recipes to start your smoothies. You can add or remove according to what you need or like.

Green Smoothie
I love making green smoothies. You really don't taste spinach or kale when you add other things that have sweetness in them. Here is my recipe for a green smoothie.
-       2 handfuls of spinach or half of a bag if you get the spinach in a small bag
-       1 banana
-       1 apple
-       ½ to 1 cup water or orange juice
-       1 tbsp. honey (opt)
Banana Milkshake
Sometimes I just want a tasty sweet smoothie. So here is my recipe for a vegan banana milk shake.
-       2 – 3 frozen bananas
-       ½-1 ½ cup dairy free milk (depends how thick you want) (I like using soy or almond milk)
-       1 tbsp. sugar (opt for extra sweetness)
-       1 vanilla bean or 1 tsp. vanilla extract
Mango Madness
I feel like everything is called mango madness when mango is involved but I love mango smoothies and so does my boyfriend. I literally only use 2 ingredients with some water for a liquid. I also sometimes add pineapple if we have it around but this is a perfect summer smoothie.
-       1 mango
-       1 banana
-       ½ - 1 cup water

I hope you recreate some of these smoothies and even tweak them to add your own twist on them. Tag me on my Facebook Page of any recreations you make! I would love to see your recipes!

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