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FASHION & BEAUTY: Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine
Taking care of your skin is really important as well as knowing what type of skin you have. You can always talk to your dermatologist about the type of skin you have or ask a professional make up artist about what products you should use.
Now I have dry skin but my forehead gets oily during the winter and during the summer I am usually fine. I use a variety of products at different times so my skin doesn't get used to something forever. That is just I though, I feel like you should switch up your products every now and then.
Right now I use Image face cleanser. It smells really good and it tones out my skin really nice. Before that though I will use a Biore Charcoal face wash and scrub away and black or white heads on my skin. Mainly around my nose and chin. I also will occasionally use Que Bella facemasks from target. I really like the brand. My favorite is the pore minimizer and the rose clay mask. I don't use masks all the time though because my skin doesn&…

ARTS & CRAFTS: Marquee Light

Crafty Finds
So I was in target one day and I noticed a marquee heart light on clearance for like ten bucks which is cheap for a decent sized metal marquee light with the lights in it. I just didn't like the brassy gold color it was but I knew that I could paint it.
Which leads us to this little project today.
Go a head and find an old item that needs a little fixing. Whether it is something that doesn't fit your style anymore or something you found thrifting. Or like me where you found something cute on clearance but the color was just off.
Once you have your item go ahead and prep. This means (for me at least) taking apart the pieces. If you don't have any pieces then you are good with this step. I took out the lights before anything. Then you might want to go ahead and sand your surface. Doing this will help when painting so it will stick to the surface better.

Another alternative to sanding (if your like me and can’t find your sand paper),is to use a chalk paint. You can s…

FOOD: Meatless Meat Top 5

Food is great
When you are a vegetarian sometimes it is hard to find some foods that taste good. Now there are so many different options for meatless meat and vegetarian/ vegan foods. Here is my top 5 for most favorite.
1.Gardein Chicken – Gardein is an amazing brand that has blessed us with the most realistic tasting meatless meat. Their chicken is one of my favorites and is great for making chicken wraps and buffalo chicken strips, although it is not something that should be microwaved. I prefer them baked or toasted. 2.Gardein Ground Beef – I know I already made a spot for their chicken but I also really like tacos so I am throwing in some Gardein ground beef because it is my favorite meatless ground beef. 3.365 Vegan Lasagna – 365 is Whole Foods brand of products and the vegan lasagna is pretty good for a quick dinner on a late night. I like grabbing one of these on my few visits to whole foods. 4.Doctor Praegers – These burgers are seriously good and I use these when I want to make …

ARTS & CRAFTS: DIY Organizers

Being artsy means you have a lot of supplies
So here is a little fun DIY organizing projects to work on.
First go and collet jars, tin cans and containers. I have some mason jars, tin cans from beans and some plastic buckets from cotton candy.
Now lets choose some paint. I have some metallic gold spray paint and some craft paint I bought at Michael’s. Don’t forget your brushes to paint too!
It is time to get creative. Paint what you want on your items. Make them fit your style. I painted the tin can green and wrote what goes inside of it and for my mason jar I used the gold spray paint and sprayed the bottom on the inside as well as the bottom on the outside and let the excess paint drip down as it dried upside down. I also painted the cotton candy container fully gold as well and will probably add some ribbon later when it fully dries. 
If you want to go extra you can add stickers, glitter and any other embellishments you would like. I kept mine pretty basic to fit the style of my room.

LIFESTYLE: Re-Inventing Yourself

Finding the new you
Sometimes you will scroll through blogs and pictures and find you loving a certain style or living. It is really hard for you to convert from one thing to the complete opposite and it is a journey that will happen over time unless you have all of the money in the world. I just wanted to give some tips on how I changed my lifestyle and myself and how I am continuing my journey to find my happiness.
First thing first: What do you want to do? What is changing? Remember changing isn’t a bad thing. You are just simply improving the way you live and look to fit your needs and no one else’s.I found myself loving Instagram girls. They wear a lot of nudes and pinks and those are colors that I already love but I didn't really have a lot of light colors. I also really love bohemian styles. I think it is a laid-back feeling and look that I just adore. But how can I create my own look with out looking too flashy. I decided to look up specific posts and Instagramers that fit …