FASHION & BEAUTY: Skin Care Routine

Skin Care Routine

Taking care of your skin is really important as well as knowing what type of skin you have. You can always talk to your dermatologist about the type of skin you have or ask a professional make up artist about what products you should use.

Now I have dry skin but my forehead gets oily during the winter and during the summer I am usually fine. I use a variety of products at different times so my skin doesn't get used to something forever. That is just I though, I feel like you should switch up your products every now and then.

Right now I use Image face cleanser. It smells really good and it tones out my skin really nice. Before that though I will use a Biore Charcoal face wash and scrub away and black or white heads on my skin. Mainly around my nose and chin. I also will occasionally use Que Bella facemasks from target. I really like the brand. My favorite is the pore minimizer and the rose clay mask. I don't use masks all the time though because my skin doesn't like it.

Another great way to get rid of black heads though is the Biore nose strips. Or any other brand of nose strips. I’ve never had a bad strip. I also use charcoal peel off masks to get rid of any nasty in my face.

As for moisturizing I actually use Vaseline cocoa butter for my body and then I will use coconut oil for my face. Coconut oil is great and that is an entire post in itself of what you can do with coconut oil but for beauty wise it really moisturizes and doesn't leave that nasty oil residue. It also works as a makeup remover and I even made my own blush tint with coconut oil. The shine it leaves acts as a dewy natural highlight and the slight pinkish pigment leaves a nice rosy winter blush on my face.

Another tip for skin care is to not even wear makeup. Most of my days I don't wear makeup and if I do I try to go light with just using mascara, eyeliner, brows and my coconut oil blush. For lips I will most likely use Chap Stick or wet and wild’s new liquid velvet lippies. I hardly use foundation and concealer. I try to not have anything on my face around my chin, cheeks, forehead and nose because that is where I break out the most.

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