TRAVEL: Universal Orlando

Everyone needs a nice long vacation once in a while. My boyfriend decided to surprise me with a trip to universal Orlando Florida. I have never been and really wanted to see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and be the Hufflepuff that I am. 
I recently posted a blog about traveling and the basic tips I have to being organized. It helped out a lot to prepare for this trip since we were going to be staying for 4 nights, 5 days. If you haven't read thatclick hereto check it out!
I have bad anxiety when it comes to transportation and flying is the worst but I was just so tired from the flight being so early, that it didn't really affect me. We flew with southwest out of our small local airport and it was a nice flight. We actually ended up landing early which was pretty cool. 

So we stayed at Cabana Bay, which is the hotel in the park. It has the coolest 60s retro theme that I just adore. Anything that is vintage I am all about. There was so much in this hotel alone to keep guests …

Art Night Tips and Tricks

Having an art night is a fun get together where you can spend some time with your friends and family doing something fun and creative. It is a great way to keep kids busy and adults at ease. I recently put together an art night for my 24thbirthday to just hang out with my closest friends. It was really nice to do something different since we are always having game nights because we love playing tabletop games. I am an artist so I have all of the supplies we needed to have a successful art night. Michaels was also having their biggest sale of the season so I went out and purchased a lot of canvases. I also stopped at AC Moore and got some craft paint to put in goodie bags for everyone to use and take home. Being the artist that I am, I themed each goodie bag a color of the rainbow. 
Tips for Rainbow Goodie Bags 1.Craft Paint a.You can get craft paint cheap at Wal-Mart or AC Moore.  2.Colored Pencils I added a couple of watercolor pencils and regular colored pencils in a little bundle. I’v…

TRAVELING: 10 Tips and More

Traveling can be really stressful especially if you are going far away from home. You want to make sure that you pack everything you need. I love keeping organized and making lists of everything I need a couple weeks before so I can get anything I need before I start packing. Here are my 10 tips for traveling. 1.Stay Organized a.Keeping organized is so important when you are traveling. You don’t want to forget anything so what I like to do is make a list of things I need to pack in my suitcase as well as my carry on. b.Another tip to stay organized is to get divider bags to go inside of your suitcase. You can get these on amazon and they really help keep your things neat. 2.Make sure if you are flying to pack small liquids they way TSA wants them. Usually they need to be 100ml or under and in a clear bottle/ container, which should be put into a clear plastic pouch. a.Having smaller bottles to pack even if you aren’t flying is a good way to save some space in your suitcase as well. 3.Dre…

Creatively Maree Art Challenge

I have mentioned on a couple of posts that I was working on a challenge for myself to just get better at drawing things. I feel like being in the graphic design field I didn't get to do a lot of drawing. I know I need to improve on drawing hands and detail as well as proportion so this is why I am putting together this challenge. If you wish to join me on my little journey, I will be posting the weekly theme every Monday on my social media pages (Mainly Facebook) as each week is from Monday Morning to Sunday Night. When or if you post on social media you can use the hash tag #creatively53 to make it easy to find everyone and we can converse about our art. Rules: There really aren’t a lot of rules really.

You have to include the theme in your drawing or drawings in some way. You must do at least one drawing for the theme but you can do even more if you would like to. I understand that some people have work and school and it is hard to keep up with challenges, which is why I gave a week …