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Sometimes it is really hard to just relax. Everyone is always moving at a fast pace and never really takes the time to just relax and let their minds just breathe. Today I am going to just list some tips for everyone so they can use them to find a perfect way for them to relax. 1.Yoga or Meditation: This is usually the first thing people think of when relaxing, although yoga is a lot more than just making a pose. It is really hard for people who have never done it but practicing it might actually be a stress relief. Adding meditation to that is a perfect combination to find yourself and your inner peace. 2.Find your happy place: find a hobby that you enjoy doing. Something that you don't have to schedule or make time for. Just something that you do for yourself, weather it be photography, art, crafts or even writing. Anything can be your hobby. It's a great stress relief doing something you love that isn’t for work or school. 3.Music: sometimes all someone needs is a g…

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