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Cheap Kawaii Clothes

Finding cheap kawaii fashion

If you know my you know my style ranges from bohemian hippie to goth to pastel princes. I have always loved the pastel and kawaii fashion but sometimes it is hard to find those special pieces to really define your style. Sometimes the cheapest way to have these items (that actually fit right) is to make it yourself. I love sewing clothes but not everyone knows how to sew. So I am going to tell you what I do to collect the cutest clothes.

  1. Thrifting - Thrifting is one of my favorite things to do when trying to find clothes that fit my style for a cheap price. I even found an entire cosplay in one visit because there are so many different pieces you can get and put together and alter. Some thrift stores like Goodwill will organize by color which is great if you want a specific color, but the sizes are not in order which can be frustrating. Thrift store like savers will organize by size so you can easily go to your size section and scan the pieces for your desired color. I also recommend trying things on. I can (and have) write a whole post about thrifting. I posted on on my Thrifting Amino app
  2. Wish - This is the trickiest way to find cute clothes because you might not always get what you ordered. With wish I usually check hauls from different youtubers and see their experience with the items on the site. I have only gotten small trinkets like keychains from wish but so far i have had a good experience.
  3. Amazon - Sometimes amazon has some really cute clothes for under 20-25 bucks which is extremely helpful when you are starting out. I believe you can also get free shipping for having 25 or over in your cart, and if you have prime that's even better. Make sure to check the reviews and customer images before you purchase just to see what other people think about the item.
  4. Hot Topic - Believe it or not, Hot Topic has a nice selection of clothes to choose from and I feel like everytime I go online there are sales which is extremely helpful to the wallet. You might have to dig through pages to find the right piece but I usually type in words like pastel or a color, depending on what I am looking for. I also size up a lot with Hot Topic because some of their items run too small.
  5. Forever 21 - I've mentioned Forever 21 before, and that is because they have a lot of basics for cheap. If you just want some basic pastel colors, depending of the trends, they usually have some nice pastel or dusty colors.
  6. Valentines Day and Spring - These are times during the year but it is the time where everything is either pink or pastel colors. If you really want to get some pastel and cute items it is definitely during this time. I like checking out the dollar section at Target or just around because of all of the pastel colors they have. It is actually where I get all of my pins and buttons that I put on my backpacks.
  7. Poshmark - I use Poshmark but any online second hand app would work just as good. With this app you can also sell the clothes that you don’t wear anymore. You can find some really cool finds on these apps. Some people also use Depop, but I have been using Poshmark for the longest time and I am too lazy to switch.
  8. DIY - I love making things and sewing. It can be a lot cheaper to make some of the things you want rather than buying them. It is also a cool feeling when someone asks where you got the piece and you can say you made it.

Anyway that is all for my list of how to get kawaii clothes for cheap. Whether you are Fairy Kei or Pastel Goth, saving some money is a great thing.

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I post updates about my stuff on my Facebook @creativelymaree and you can even follow me on Twitter, I am sometimes on there @creativemaree
I also have a Red Bubble (CreativelyMaree) if you did not know. I upload my artwork and you can get them printed on a bunch of cool things like shirts, phone cases, and stickers. 

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Stay Creative
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If you would like to keep up with my adventures you can follow me on my Instagram @_wildflower_vibes_ or if you are more into my art @creativelymaree
I post updates about my stuff on my Facebook @creativelymaree and you can even follow me on Twitter, I am sometimes on there @creativemaree
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