FOOD: Meatless Meat Top 5

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When you are a vegetarian sometimes it is hard to find some foods that taste good. Now there are so many different options for meatless meat and vegetarian/ vegan foods. Here is my top 5 for most favorite.

1.     Gardein Chicken – Gardein is an amazing brand that has blessed us with the most realistic tasting meatless meat. Their chicken is one of my favorites and is great for making chicken wraps and buffalo chicken strips, although it is not something that should be microwaved. I prefer them baked or toasted.
2.     Gardein Ground Beef – I know I already made a spot for their chicken but I also really like tacos so I am throwing in some Gardein ground beef because it is my favorite meatless ground beef.
3.     365 Vegan Lasagna – 365 is Whole Foods brand of products and the vegan lasagna is pretty good for a quick dinner on a late night. I like grabbing one of these on my few visits to whole foods.
4.     Doctor Praegers – These burgers are seriously good and I use these when I want to make some burgers for a BBQ or just a burger night with my boyfriend. He enjoys them too which is great for someone who isn’t a vegetarian or even needs to be one.
5.     McCormick Bacon Bits – This is a weird product to put on my list but these are in fact made with soy and not real meat, making them completely vegan. I know for those who didn't know this are probably like OMG but when I found out I was kind of curious to try it out on some things. I like putting it is some vegan mac n cheese.

So this was my top 5 meatless meat list. If you would like more of these top 5 lists let me know and I will talk to you guys in my next post.

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