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So I was in target one day and I noticed a marquee heart light on clearance for like ten bucks which is cheap for a decent sized metal marquee light with the lights in it. I just didn't like the brassy gold color it was but I knew that I could paint it.

Which leads us to this little project today.

Go a head and find an old item that needs a little fixing. Whether it is something that doesn't fit your style anymore or something you found thrifting. Or like me where you found something cute on clearance but the color was just off.

Once you have your item go ahead and prep. This means (for me at least) taking apart the pieces. If you don't have any pieces then you are good with this step. I took out the lights before anything. Then you might want to go ahead and sand your surface. Doing this will help when painting so it will stick to the surface better.

Another alternative to sanding (if your like me and can’t find your sand paper),  is to use a chalk paint. You can see from the photos I started with a normal craft paint but then I switched to chalk because it will only need about two coats rather than 5 on the surface that I am using.

 (idk why this is upside down)

After you sand your surface you can start painting now. I wanted my heart to be a baby pink to match the rest of the pastel things in my room. I used two coats and then touched up some areas.

When you are done you can assemble your item back together and place it in your space wherever you want it. This was a very simple craft but a good reminder and small and quick project to do when you want to get crafty.

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