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LIFESTYLE: Re-Inventing Yourself

Finding the new you

Sometimes you will scroll through blogs and pictures and find you loving a certain style or living. It is really hard for you to convert from one thing to the complete opposite and it is a journey that will happen over time unless you have all of the money in the world. I just wanted to give some tips on how I changed my lifestyle and myself and how I am continuing my journey to find my happiness.

First thing first:
What do you want to do? What is changing? Remember changing isn’t a bad thing. You are just simply improving the way you live and look to fit your needs and no one else’s.  I found myself loving Instagram girls. They wear a lot of nudes and pinks and those are colors that I already love but I didn't really have a lot of light colors. I also really love bohemian styles. I think it is a laid-back feeling and look that I just adore. But how can I create my own look with out looking too flashy. I decided to look up specific posts and Instagramers that fit my style and would take some inspiration from them. Create a vision board or a list of goals and hang it up in your room. Every time you look at it you will remind yourself that you want to change yourself for you and that what you are doing makes you happy. I decided that my style would contain pastels and nudes. Its very easy to pair colors with black white and nude shades. I also chose a rose gold for a metal. Rose gold is almost a copper but has that yellow gold in it as well and I thought the warmth would go good with my room with is mainly white.

After that:
Look at what you already have. Sometimes you might already have things in your life that already fit what you need. I first went through my clothes. This is probably the easiest thing to do. Sort out your clothes in colors and seasons if you want to go that extra step. I usually have my summer clothes and winter clothes separate and then leggings all year round. A lot of my clothes were already black which fit what I wanted. I put away my graphic shirts that I got at school and vacations and the rest I donated since I was out of that high school phase and never wore these shirts anymore. It was Christmas time when I first started to change my look so I got some money to shop for new clothes.

That's what is next.
After you have sorted through your wardrobe. Go shopping. I always look in the clearance sections to find good deals if I’m on a budget. I also like going to the thrift store and local garage sales. I always find some good deals around. A lot of the items I bought were mainly basics and over time I know that I will grow my look even more. I got some tank tops from the basic section in Forever 21 as well as some plain black skirts from H&M. I also purchased some jeggings by the Mudd brand at Kohls because I really liked the fabric, although the pockets are always popping out. I got a dark wash and a light wash to contrast some different outfits. Shoes can be expensive but I got some shoes at Wet Seal before it closed down as well as Charlotte Russe and Kohls in the clearance section. Rue 21 also has some really nice things but it's a little to far for me to take a usual trip there. Rainbow is another store like a Joyce Leslie and has some really cheap but cute clothing. Macy’s sometimes has some good finds in the young adult section but a lot of the stuff they have doesn't fit my style fully.

Now that we have wardrobe sorted out:
What is your room like? Or your space? Luckily my room is white with white furniture and a light sandy brown bed set so my style has always been here. My room has a very beachy feel to it so I rolled with that and I am still going through the process of re designing it. There are a lot of things you can do to change your room around but the 2 easiest things to do is move your stuff around for a different look and get a new bedding. My winter comforter and sheets are grey with white and I have a bunch of pillows and stuffed animals around but not too much. I really like panda bears and unicorns so they are around. Now if you have a lot of stuff I always suggest going through your drawers first. Cleaning out anything you don't need anymore will make more room for storage. If you need use sticky notes and label where you want what in each drawer. I labeled art supplies, artwork and craft supplies on the drawers in my desk since I do art over there. I also have a junk drawer but I think everyone has a drawer filled with things that don't have a place.

Books Books Books
Books are fun to have and read. I love my collection of books but there is just way too much. I narrowed down to my most favorite books and put the rest away in a box so I can donate or sell them. Now I have one shelf with books, dvds and video games. I still have 2 other shelves that have school work and paper that needs to be sorted through but little by little things will come together.

Decorative boxes
If you have no idea where to put some items, decorative boxes look so cute when stacked up on each other. Get some at Michael’s that fit your style and fill them up. From supplies to Cosmopolitan magazines and comics, my boxes hide the things I love without clashing with everything else.

Anyway that is it for this post! I will see you next week for another blog post and stay tuned this week for some more posts about food, arts and crafts and fashion and beauty.

Color the World with Happiness


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