FASHION & BEAUTY: Lacey Things

It’s Fashion Friday!!!

Today I put together three looks themed around lacey things. All of the lace items I have are white but it is a great material to add a little sweetness to a look.

This first look I call “A Day in the Town” (yes I name my outfits). This is a casual but cute look that you can wear out during the day and not be too over dressed. The lace top is from Macy’s and it came with this really cute leaf necklace. It is by the brand Belle Du Jour and is an X Large. There was also a pink one I tried on but I figured white will go with everything. And it is a little too big. I should’ve gotten a large but it still looks cute. My jeggings are from Kohls. They are by the brand Mudd and I also have the same pair in a darker blue color. These are the softest jeggings I have ever owned and I love them. I want every color. These are a size too big, they are a 15 but after a few washes they might just shrink down a size hopefully. These Shoes are also from Kohls. They are a suede material and are really comfortable. They are by the brand Lauren Conrad and are a size 9.5.

This second look I have is called “Dinner at the Beach”. This is actually something I would wear if I was going on a dinner date with James at a restaurant in the Hamptons or something on the water. The flower crown is actually the crown we made this week! My top is actually from a store called Kennelly Kouture. It is a small business on Long Island that my aunt and her friend run. It “a unique boutique” and I recommend the store and even the shopping area it is in. This top is a delicate chiffon material with a large lace trim on the bottom (you cant see in these photos but I’ve posted it on Instagram) and the back even has a cute lace detail. This shirt is a size Large. My lace skirt is a really interesting skirt I found at WalMart. It came with the belt I am wearing as well and it is the perfect length. It also has a slip; which I like because I hate when I find a dress or skirt and it doesn't have one. It is by the brand No Boundaries; which is a WalMart brand and it is a size X Large. My shoes I bought from Charlotte Russe. They always have cute shoes on sale so I found these for so cheap. They are a nude strappy faux leather material. They do hurt after a while but that could just be me. When ever I wear a thin heal my feet will hurt faster than usual. These are a size 11 and are by the brand Anne Mitchelle. (yes my feet are weird and I range from a size 9 to 11 depending on the shoe).

This last outfit I call “Bonfire Night”. I would definitely wear this to a bonfire or even just a night outside hanging out with some friends after a long day at the beach. I am just wearing a black tank top that I got at WalMart. This is actually a nice thick material but it is kind of short which is why I like getting the long tank tops from Forever 21 even though those tanks are really thin. It is a size Large and is by the brand No Boundaries. This lace poncho/ beach cover is from Target. I saw it and thought that it would be perfect because I needed a beach cover for this summer and it is a fun detail to add to any outfit. It is by the Brand Merona? (I took the tag off) and is a one size fits all. My fun patterned leggings are from Target. I love the patterned leggings from Target because they can be really fun under a lot of different types of clothes. I would tell you what brand they are but the tag that was printed on washed off but I am pretty sure they are also by Merona and are a size Large. I am also not wearing shoes for this but if I was I would wear one of my gladiator pair of shoes. They stay on your foot unlike flip flops. The headband I am wearing I got off of Amazon a couple of years ago and is a cute simple flower band that adds a little texture to your outfit.

Anyway that is all that I have for today. I will be posting these Images on my Facebook as well as my Instagram (Pandess94). Be sure to like and follow me there to see more pictures and if you would like to see some behind the scenes you can follow me on Snapchat (PandaMaree).

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