ARTS & CRAFT: DIY Book Covers

DIY: Book Cover
If you have a certain look to your room but the different colors of your books on your bookshelf are clashing with the aesthetics of your room, this DIY is perfect for you. Today we are going to create our own book covers to fit our style. (No hate to how book covers are. I am a designer and appreciate all artwork that is on book covers) This is just a fun décor design to help make everything match and its super easy too!
What You Need:
-       Paper that will fit the entire book cover (I am using my large drawing pad paper)
-       Books to cover
-       Paint, markers, crayons, décor, etc. (I am using paint)
-       Scissors or an X-Acto knife
Step by Step:
1.     Grab your books and lay them out on top of the paper (you can do all the books and then decorate or just one at a time). If the books you are having have a cover you can slide off go ahead and trace that fully on the paper if not you are going to have to trace the size of the book open and then add some extra inches so you can fold them inside when you close the book. Make sure you make a mark of where the spine of the book is going to be if you want to write the title of the book there.
2.     Once you have traced the books (and labeled if you are doing them all at once) go ahead and start to decorate. I am making my covers all one color in pastels to fit my rooms style and then I am going to write the title of the book on the spine in white. But if you want to add glitter, sequins and washi tape go right ahead. Get creative with it.
3.     After you let everything dry go ahead and put the covers on your books and crease slightly where the fold are so they will stay in that shape.
And there you go. I told you this DIY was super easy. Its also a great thing to add to your day if you have space to fill up.

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