Welcome to my new shiny blog!

This is the creative place to be. Every week there will be a new lineup of things. The 4 main categories you will see are lifestyle, arts and crafts, food or vegetarian and fashion and beauty.

Mondays you will see my lifestyle post, which will deal with living life, traveling and mainly act as a weekly blog of what I did in the week. It will also have lifestyle tips and tricks to being happy and finding yourself.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are arts and crafts days. Each week there will be two different DIY’s or projects to work on. I’m starting off with some smaller craft projects but as this blog grows I will ad some more advanced things to work on. I am also always open to any suggestions for craft projects so feel free to comment some things you would like to see.

Wednesdays is all about food. I am a vegetarian so it will all be vegetarian and vegan based but you can always sub in and out things you would prefer in recipes. Also if you would like me to make a certain food dish vegetarian leave a comment and I will do my best to re create some tasty foods.

Fridays are fashion and beauty days. These will consist of makeup tutorials, look books, outfit of the days, and more. Fashion is something that I am in love with and have always been in love with. I am slowly growing my style out and would love to share that journey with everyone.

I hope you are all excited to follow along on this journey of blogging. I love writing and creating and am hoping to include some YouTube videos in these posts as well.

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